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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Road to Censorship?

Nothing seems to stir up controversy faster than pointing a critical finger at the United States government. That seems to be the case regarding the newest film from director Michael Winterbottom, THE ROAD TO GUANTANAMO.

This is the story of three British-Muslim men who, while in route to a wedding, were taken by the U.S. military and imprisoned for years without proof or charges. This is a true story.

The controversy as reported by the Washington Post yesterday, revolves around the poster for the film. The MPAA refused to approve the original poster, citing it as too violent and depicting torture. Here is that poster…

Shocking? Yes. But so is the subject matter. The poster that was approved of was simply a close up on the hands of the prisoner to avoid the appearance of torture. Here is the approved poster…

Is ROAD TO GUANTANAMO being singled out due to its criticisms of America? I don’t know, but it’s not the craziest idea I have heard. What I do know is that a story like this NEEDS to be told. The only way to ward off corruption is to make the corrupt accountable for their actions. Kudos to Winterbottom for taking on such a harrowing subject and having the courage to bring it to the screen. I hope that people will check it out. I know that I will.

Here is a link to the article in the Washington Post…

  • And here is a link to the trailer for the film…
  • ROAD TO GUANTANAMO (trailer)

  • What do you think?


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