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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What do you think???

So today the trailer for the new Oliver Stone film WORLD TRADE CENTER hit the internet. I assume that it will roll out in theaters this weekend with THE DA VINCI CODE and we will hear a lot about reactions like the ones when the first trailers for UNITED 93 came out.

Here is the link for:
  • WORLD TRADE CENTER (trailer)

  • Now I am curious to hear what people think about the movie after seeing the trailer. What is your gut reaction? Do you think this honors the memories of the brave men that sacrificed their lives? Does it exploit them?

    I had some reactions to this trailer and most of them were negative. WORLD TRADE CENTER really looks like a movie. I know that may sound obvious, but think about it for a second. The reason why I loved UNITED 93 was that it felt real and not like Hollywood making a movie out of a tragedy for a profit. It didn’t feel like a movie. WTC is all about sweeping cinematic shots, grandiose music, wide beautiful shots of New York, heroic moments in the style of Michael Bay, and it has movie star Nicolas Cage as the lead. In short… it feels like a movie.

    I love movies, but I don’t like the fact that this one seems to be capitalizing on 9/11 only 5 years after. That is how this trailer made me feel. They are making this movie for no other reason than to make tons of money. I may be wrong and I certainly hope that I am. I have been a big fan of Oliver Stone in the past and I think he is capable of making a great film again. I just don’t think WTC is that film.

    Please let me know what you think about this movie and how watching the trailer affected you, if at all. I’m all ears…


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    well. after seeing "united 93," it's safe to say that Stone has a tough road ahead. A $200 million dollar movie about 9/11 with Nic Cage? Hmmm. To me, on paper, it seems like an awful idea and yet the trailer is, to me, quite moving.

    Also that "Ruuuuuunnnnnn!" bit with Cage where you can see the ceiling caving in and the pillars crumble and compact looks pretty amazing. I'll certainly agree that while "united 93" almost seemed to be an "in the moment" piece or documentary, "world trade center" does feel like a movie and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. However, Stone has done amazing work ("JFK," "Platoon") and so I will be there when it opens. Also because (after "Crash") I really like Michael Pena.

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