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Thursday, April 27, 2006

too soon?

People all around the country have cried “too soon!” Having seen UNITED 93, the story of the brave people aboard the ill-fated airplane that fought back against the terrorists, I will agree that it is too soon. Too soon to forget.

This is a difficult story to tell and it is still but a recent memory for all that will see it. The only way that a film about 9/11 could ever work is for it to be perfect. There is such a fine line between over sentimentalizing the subject and glorifying it for the purpose of making money from the innocent lives that were lost. Director Paul Greengrass walks this line with skill and precision. UNITED 93 not only honors the heroes on that flight, but it reminds us of what we are all capable of when put to the test. This is the celebration of courage in the face of fear and certain death.

There is tension from the first frame of the film that doesn’t let up through the terrible ordeal all the way to the tragic end. We all know not only what happens at the end of this story, but we know the steps as they occurred along the way. The world watched as the second plane hit the south tower and was glued to the television, waiting for the constant updates. Even though we know what happens, the expert storytelling of Greengrass keeps you in the movie on the edge of your seat.

The first half of UNITED 93 focuses on the team of traffic controllers on the ground struggling to make sense of garbled radio transmissions, planes flying off course and dropping of out contact. The film is filled with unknown actors and in the case of the ground crew, many of the actual traffic controllers played themselves. The realism of the performances combined with the handheld camera style makes the movie feel more like a documentary. What impressed me more than the realism, which was essential, was the brilliant way that Greengrass captured the chaos of the events. Information was coming in from about seven different sources and no one knew what was taking place. Even after the first plane hit, it took a while before anyone knew what was happening. The military didn’t know that flight United 93 was hijacked until three minutes after it crashed. Nothing like this had ever happened and everyone was caught off guard.

The other half of the movie is what everyone will be talking about. It focuses on the passengers onboard the plane. We don’t get into the back-story of anyone because that is not what this movie is about. UNITED 93 is about one moment that we will never forget. We don’t need back story of the passengers. They are everyone that we pass on the street. They are us. Once again, the camera work puts us in the plane with the people.

“Let’s Roll.” We’ve all heard it and when you hear it in the movie it will give you chills. It is the moment when they fight back. The entire plane charges the terrorists and you hold your breath. You know what happens, but it doesn’t matter. At that moment, you are on that plane.

There are no two ways about it. This is a difficult movie to watch. Watching it, I was not only caught up in the events on the screen, but I was taken back to that day in my life. It is an emotional rollercoaster, but one that we should go on. This is a moment in time that should never be forgotten. Greengrass delivers a tribute to all of the people that sacrificed their lives in a bold show of courage. The movie is respectful and true. This is not a “Hollywood” effort to make money off the death of innocent people; it is a celebration of them. It has been nearly five years since the planes went down and some people want to put it behind them and forget. It is painful to remember and relive what happened. UNITED 93 shows us why we cannot forget what happened on that day and what it showed us all about courage and real heroes.


Anonymous yodamom said...

ok ok - I'll go see the movie. I thought it was too soon to relive that day - and it may be. But I'll try.

10:38 PM  

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