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Friday, March 17, 2006

remember, remember...

“An uncompromising vision of the future from the creators of the Matrix trilogy”

That is the tag on the poster for V FOR VENDETTA and bothers me now that I have seen the movie. First of all... It is the uncompromising vision of Alan Moore & David Lloyd. They created the story and the comic book that the move was based on and neither of them had anything to do with the MATRIX. Second... by saying it is from the “creators of the Matrix” implies that this is a film from the directors, Andy and Larry Wachowski. This is simply not true. While they did write it, the director on the film is a man by the name of James McTeigue. I understand why they would do this from a marketing perspective, but credit should be given to McTeigue, who did a fantastic job with his first feature film…

Now… on to my review.

V FOR VENDETTA is set in the not so distance future in London. Through fear, the conservative government has taken control in a virtual dictatorship. Conversations are monitored and anything that has been deemed as different has been outlawed. With these shackles on, the people of London have lost the will to fight and fear the outcome if they speak out. When they do, they are taken away and never heard from again. This view of the future is not that different than the one that we are currently in, just a more exaggerated version of it. What might happen…

In comes V. He is our “hero”, a terrorist, fighting against the oppression of the government. We never see his face because at all times, he wears a mask. The mask is of Guy Fawkes, a rebel/terrorist from years earlier who, on the 5th of November, tried to blow up parliament. While he was stopped, his attempt caused a cry of freedom from the masses. Now, more than 400 years later, the people have forgotten and are complacent. V reminds them… “Remember, remember, the 5th of November.” There is a reason to fight. There is a cause. Not all hope has been lost. V is the one that leads the way. As he says, “It is not the people who should fear their government… It is the government that should fear its people.”

The mask is not worn to hide his identity. It is not because it looks cool. V wears the make because he is more than a man. He is a symbol. A symbol of the fight inside everyone. A man can be killed, but an ideal can never die. That is why he wears a mask. Reminding the people of what they are capable of if they stand up and say no to oppression.

V FOR VENDETTA is not an action film. There is some action in it, but not throughout. This is a movie that asks people to think. It is a film about politics. Oppression and the courage to fight it. It will no doubt be attacked as a more that supports terrorism, but people that say that are missing the point of the movie all together. The government is the bad guy in this film. V is not a terrorist, but a revolutionary, fighting tyranny. There will be parallels be drawn in this country to what is going on with the Republican Party and George W. Bush. V FOR VENDETTA is not an attack on Bush, but it is something to keep in mind. This is a possibility of where we could be headed.

V FOR VENDETTA is a very good movie… almost great. What I really responded to was the call to people to stand up. There are things worth fighting for and we can never forget that. In some ways, it is a great companion piece to GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK. The people of the United States were being unfairly persecuted by McCarthy, until one man had the courage to stand up and say no. When Murrow stood up, the country found the courage to stand with him.

We must live our lives based on courage and never fear. That is what I got from V.



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