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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Matteo and Nikola are brothers.
This is their story.

It begins in 1966, when Matteo is about 18, finishing his first year at the University and his brother Nikola is about 22, about to finish his last. They take a trip and meet a girl that will send them both on a separate journey, occasionally reconnecting, that spans 24 years. This is life captured on film. The ups, downs, love and loss. There are many issues that are dealt with in this film… a revolution, a flood, traveling, parenthood, marriage, and loss, but at the heart of it, this is a story about family.

I will not going into the details of the story because the reason to watch this is to go on the journey with them. This is a long movie. That is something to know before going in. With a running time of 366 minutes (just over 6 hours for those of you who don’t like math) it is more like a mini-series than a movie. This is every bit as good as ANGELS IN AMERICA of any other HBO mini-series. The other thing that might deter people from renting it is that it is in Italian. Please, don’t let either of these things stand on your way. This is a great film.

I found that when I was watching BEST OF YOUTH, I felt like I really got to know these people. I cared about them in a way that most movies don’t allow you to. Despite the length, I was never once bored or looking at my watch. I really didn’t want it to end. The writing and the performances are so strong from top to bottom that I could hardly believe it.

Each brother follows such a different path, but at their core they are brothers and there is no stronger bond. Once they meet and both fall for a girl with mental problems, Giulia, their lives will never be the same. Her effect sends them in radically different directions. Both have a strong desire to protect and to fix her in the only ways that they can think of. They run away from their own lives and their own problems, but keep having to deal with both. Giulia is more of a catalyst than a love interest. You never want either of them to end up with her, but you cannot ignore her impact on their lives. In many ways, Matteo and Nikola are as damaged as Giulia, and by searching for a cure for her, they are trying to fix themselves.

The title sums up the movie. In our youth, the world is a blank slate and we can accomplish anything and everything we dream. As Matteo says at the beginning of the film, “everything is beautiful.” That is the optimism that comes with being young. This innocence is lost as we get older, but can be recaptured.

BEST OF YOUTH is an emotionally complex film. It will engage you, frustrate you, break your heart and then make you believe in love again. This film is an experience. A journey that everyone should take.


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