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Monday, May 01, 2006

SUMMER is here!!!

This coming Friday marks the start of the 2006 SUMMER MOVIES. What a better way to get ready than to count down the ten movies that I am most looking forward to this summer. Here they are:

10. MIAMI VICE (July 28)

I know how bad the trailers look, but it all comes down to Michael Mann for me. Going back to THEIF, I have liked every movie he has made including some of my favorites (THE INSIDER, HEAT, ALI). That track record not only earns my ten dollars, but it gets me excited. All I want is fast cars, lots of guns, big explosions, hot women and lots of cool.

9. LADY IN THE WATER (July 21)

I must be honest. It is the cast that is getting me here, not M. Night Shymalan. I hated THE VILLAGE. But this movie has two of my favorite actors headlining a summer movie (Paul Giamatti and Jeffrey Wright) and one of the most talented and promising young actresses (Bryce Dallas Howard). It is an indie cast in a big Hollywood summer movie. Just please let there not be a twist…


Written by Nick Cave and starring Guy Pierce, Ray Winstone and Emily Watson, this ultra violent Australian western has drawn favorable comparisons to both MUNICH and UNFORGIVEN. I missed it not only at Toronto, but at Sundance. I will be there opening weekend. We need a cool western.

7. X-MEN: LAST STAND (May 26)

I like X-MEN. I loved X2. The trailer looks pretty damn cool. Why is X3 not higher on my list? Two words… Brett Ratner. This is a great franchise and my favorite comic book of all time. Please, Fox, don’t let him screw this up.


Philip Seymour Hoffman is the bad guy. I really don’t need more than that, but since it is my #6, here you go… Ving Rhames, Johnathan Rhys Meyers, Billy Crudup, Michelle Monaghan, Lawrence Fishburne and Tom “Crazy Man” Cruise. He has taken a lot of hits in the media over the last year, but this movie looks cool. I am not going to see Cruise, I am going to see Ethan Hunt. Forget about the real world and have a little fun. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the summer.


The first movie was fun and it looks like all the same guys are back to have more fun, only this time bigger and better. If it measures up to the first, I will be more than happy. Who doesn’t want to see Johnny Depp chewing the scenery for another two hours? Lots of action and good sharp dialogue from writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio.


This just looks like one of the most visually unique movies of the year. Linklater got it started with WAKING LIFE (which I really liked), but this time it looks like he might have an equally interesting story to match the imagery. Also, like many others this summer, a great cast.


Not to jump on the band wagon, but I really enjoyed the book and I think this movie has been cast to perfection. I love Tom Hanks and I am happy to see him back in the summer. It has been too long. With many Oscars among the cast and crew, this movie could be one of the best of the summer as well as one of the most fun.


Up, up and away! Bryan Singer has more than proved himself with the X-MEN films and from the trailer, this movie just looks great. It is SUPERMAN… Need I say more?


Michel Gondry’s last movie (non-documentary) was my favorite film of 2004, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND. THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP is another trippy tale of a man that is held captive by the people in his dreams as he tries to wake himself up. Wacky visuals. Surreal settings. This will be one of a kind. It could end up being a disaster or a masterpiece. Either way, I’m there with bells on.

What are you looking forward to???


Blogger RC said...

good list...very much looking forward to lady in the water and flags of our fathers...among others.

I actually recently posted a list of the most vomit enducing movies of the summer...i think you'd enjoy.

also very curious about scienc of sleep and a scanner darkly...i hope there good (i think the painted film in waking life is amazing, and love before sunset and before sunrise so i have high hopes for scanner darkly).

--RC of

10:06 PM  
Anonymous free online movies said...

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11:09 PM  

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