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Thursday, February 01, 2007

BEST FILMS of 2006: 11- 20

I laughed harder in BORAT than I did in any other movie this year… it is as easy as that. I do not think that the film is God’s gift to comedy, but there are moments of inspired genius from Sacha Baron Cohen. Throwing dollar bills at cockroaches? Doesn’t get better than that.

This movie works on many levels. First, there is the personal story of a group of friends that are torn apart by infidelity and tragedy. Then there is the spelunking trip that goes wrong, trapping them in a dark, foreign place with no way out. Third, there are the creatures that live in the caves that eat people. All of these elements combined, make for not only the best horror film of the year, but one of the best movies of the year. The claustrophobia is frightening, but when you add the creatures, this movie has some of the best scares in years.

Just when I seem to write off Spike Lee as a filmmaker, he comes back with another film that reminds everyone why he is respected in the first place. This time it is in a movie that appears to be a total “sellout film”. It is a bank robbery movie with big movie stars, produced by one of the biggest producers in Hollywood. What he delivered was one of the most fun movies of the year. Lee puts a new spin on the old story of a bank heist gone wrong and makes it feel fresh. The clever script combined with the fantastic performances by Clive Owen and Denzel Washington make this a must see for anyone who likes movies.

Based on the Alan Moore comic from the 80’s James McTigue (director) and the Wachowski’s (writers) made an action movie that not only entertains you, but also makes you think. A great story about fighting for your rights against an oppressive government that uses fear against its people. This is as relevant today as it always has been.

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  • 16. BABEL
    Four stories, in four different parts of the world that all intertwine to explain not only how close we all are, but to illustrate how very far we are apart. From the writer and director that made AMORRES PERROS and 21 GRAMS, BABEL is the final chapter in the thematic trilogy about cause and effect in today’s society. This is a bold and unique film that pushes the buttons and raises the questions that people should be talking about and not ignoring.

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    MI:3 is the most fun movie of the year. I know that Tom Cruise made headlines for things that were unrelated to movies last year, but it didn’t seem to make the news that he had also made one of the most enjoyable films of his career. This is a great action film that is extremely well made, acted, and written and will keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more. Can you ask for anything more from a summer movie?

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    When I first saw THE PRESTIGE, I liked it, but was under whelmed. I thought it was cold and too removed, but well made. The second time I saw the film, I was able to see all of the layers and complexity in the characters that I had missed before due to the twisty plot. Many movies are better the more you watch them (at least the good ones) and THE PRESTIGE is certainly one of them. In the case of the movie it is not the magic trick that is impressive, but what lies behind the curtain that captured me... emotional and heartbreaking.

    13. BRICK
    Clever. Witty. Stylish. This is a great idea that was extremely well done. BRICK is what independent films should do more often. It is truly original and embraces its limitations instead of ignoring them. This is not a copy or a tribute to great film noir… it IS great film noir.

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    A woman is imprisoned for a crime that she didn’t commit (the murder of a 6-year-old child). When she is released, she puts into motion her plan of vengeance. Vengeance upon the man guilty of the crime. This is a fascinating look at obsession, the search for justice and revenge. What it does you her… what it really means… and if it does any good. She is not only looking for her own reasons, but for all of the victims of the real killer. The path winds around, leading to a conclusion that will shock and amaze.

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    Harold Crick finds himself the subject of a novel as it is being written, his path to an imminent death revealed to him through a voice over that only he can hear. This is one of the most unique and satisfying films of the year, going above and beyond the odd setup to reveal a truly heart warming journey. This is not ADAPTAION, though it has some comparative qualities. STRANGER THAN FICTION will make you laugh, think, and look at life in a new way.


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