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Thursday, January 25, 2007

2006 HUMBY'S: supporting actor

10. Dustin Hoffman – STRANGER THAN FICTION
When Harold Crick finds himself a part of a novel in which he has no control over, he comes to a literary professor played by Hoffman to be his guide through this crazy tale. Hoffman delivers a great comical performance in STRANGER THAN FICTION that just adds to his career of memorable roles. This is an odd film and a bold choice and he come through as he always does, pushing himself as an actor. From skeptic, to believer, to motivated guide, Hoffman is really given a chance to shine.

I had never heard of Channing Tatum when I went in to A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS, and I will not soon forget him now. This is a raw performance as the best friend of Dito (Shia LaBeouf) who, wile struggling with the physical and emotion turmoil of his own life, has become something of a brother to Dito. He will do anything for his friend, no matter what the cost and think nothing of it. He owns this character and never once feels like he is acting.

Carell is famous for his comic abilities, but in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, it is his stoic and dramatic performance that shines through. Through that, he is one of the funniest and most compelling parts of this “little movie that could”. From the first shot of his blank face, I was drawn into this character that has lost his way in life and love, only to be taken in by the dysfunctional family that he has no interest in being a part of.

7. Brad Pitt - BABEL
Brad Pitt is a movie star by every estimation, but he transforms himself yet again in BABEL to remind us all that he is also a damn good actor. He is hurt, emotionally damaged, angry and emotionally raw with his performance. He puts it all out there on the screen and creates a character that pulls you in and makes you feel something. This is a performance that I wish more “movie stars” would attempt, but are afraid to. Without his name, BABEL might have never been made, but he does not overpower the film. Instead, he blends into the world and joins the ensemble in this thought provoking and brave film.

6. Eddie Murphy - DREAMGIRLS
To be honest, I have not liked Murphy since his role in BOWFINGER. I think he does the same thing again and again in the crap that Hollywood puts out to make a buck. Then I saw DREAMGIRLS and saw an Eddie Murphy that I didn’t think existed. He is great in this film, using his charisma to create a dominating presence, but then shows him fall as he loses his fame. He sings, dances and pulls off the drama in this role that might just give him the acclaim and attention that (I hope) will be a turning point in his career.

As the grandfather in the dysfunctional family of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, Arkin is a crotchety old man that is addicted to heroin because “why not?”. He is just down right funny in this film and was my favorite part of it. His frankness and candor made me fall in love with him and when he gives advise to his teenage grandson… “Fuck a lot of women.” I almost fell out of my seat. In addition, his relationship with his Olive is the most touching parts of the film.

4. Michael Sheen – THE QUEEN
Everyone in the world is talking about Helen Mirren’s performance in THE QUEEN, but I think that Michael Sheen as Tony Blair is just as impressive. He adds a human and appealing quality to the Prime Minister who seems to be the only one that has perspective in this chaotic time in England. He is the man that tries to keep a country together. While I have personal issues with the real Blair now, this performance helps me understand how he got to where he is now and what he really did for his country in its time of need.

3. Ray Winstone – THE PROPOSITION
As Captain Stanley, Winstone can be looked at as the villain or the hero of THE PROPOSITION. He is just a man that comes to an area of Australia to try and implement some law and order. Everything he does in the film (whether you agree with the actions) is for the betterment of the community. While hunting the man that he feels is truly evil, he uses questionable techniques and methods. He is tortured by what has happened, but is an honorable man all too aware of the consequences that await him if things go awry. We get to see a totally different side of Stanley when he is around his wife, whom he tries to keep from all of the violence and horror that is surrounding her. Winstone conveys the drive and sense of duty as well as he does the intense love for his wife.

2. Danny Houston – THE PROPOSITION
Arthur Burns is painted as a monster. He is a cold-blooded rapist and murderer that Captain Stanley will stop at nothing to capture. Then when we finally meet him, we find out that he is so much more. In many ways he is a monster, but there is a philosophical depth and an awareness that is shocking. He is not a “good man”, but he is a fascinating character. A psychopath, Burns does not see most people as anything and thinks nothing of killing them for whatever reason he chooses. The other side of him that has a deep love and respect for his family and friends. Houston is amazing and captivating, making you drawn to Arthur, even though you feel like you should hate him.

1. Jackie Earle Haley – LITTLE CHILDREN
This is almost an impossible character to play. Ronnie is a convicted child molester that has moved back into his mother’s house to try and start his life again. He wants to be “normal” and he wants nothing more than to live up to his mother’s hopes. What stands in his way is a sickness that he can’t escape no matter how much he wants to. Haley takes this character and makes it not only work, but brings this tortured, flawed and somewhat pathetic man to life and makes you feel for him. One of the best scenes in any film this year involves Ronnie on a date that goes in places you would never expect.


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