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Monday, December 18, 2006

Kenneth Turan Can't Count

So I am working on a whole lot of different reviews, but in the mean time, I was checking out the top ten lists that are starting to pop up. As you might have noticed, I love top ten lists (both reading and creating my own). So, I happened upon the LA TIMES top ten list from resident film critic KENNETH TURAN. Here is a link to his full article…
  • Turan’s Top Ten

  • And here is the list of his “top ten” films of 2006…

    1. Flags of Our Fathers
    Letters From Iwo Jima

    2. The Ground Truth
    Iraq in Fragments
    My Country, My Country
    The War Tapes
    Darwin’s Nightmare

    3. Friends With Money
    Half Nelson

    4. The Queen

    5. The Lives of Others

    6. Little Miss Sunshine
    Thank You for Smoking

    7. Volver

    8. Pan’s Labyrinth
    Children of Men

    9. Dreamgirls

    10. Sweet Land

    Now, I won’t get into what I thought about the films on the list (many of which I have problems with), but I do have one question…

    Why are there 20 films in his top ten?

    I understand having a tie for number one or wanting to squeeze in an extra movie or two, but this is just silly. Just something that I found funny. I will make more comments about the films on his list when I compile my own. The only thing I will say is that he left out the best film of the year without question.


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