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Friday, December 08, 2006

now THAT'S a trailer

It is not often that I decide to write about a trailer, but it is also not often that a trailer like this one comes along and just kicks my ass. First I will say that I hated Zack Snyder’s first film, the remake of the classic DAWN OF THE DEAD. There were some interesting visuals, but you pretty much start off with three strikes against you when you remake a classic. So when I heard that Snyder was making a film adaptation of Frank Miller’s 300, I really didn’t care. I had never read the book and I had no interest in the director.

Then I saw the trailer.
This looks like one of the most visual films I have ever seen and has an energy to it that I can’t really capture in words. 300 looks to take what Rodriguez accomplished with SIN CITY and elevate it to a whole new level.
The visuals look incredible, the acting looks appropriately over the top, and the style speaks for itself. This looks like beautiful painted comic that has burst to life. I saw the teaser for this movie a few months back and thought that it looked kinda cool, but that is nothing to seeing a larger, more completed version of Snyder’s vision.
The action looks like it pulls no punches and simply kicks ass. I don’t know if there is as much action in the film as there seems to be, but I hope so. There have been so many action films in recent years that have wowed audiences (LORD OF THE RINGS, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, GLADIATOR, TROY, BRAVEHEART) and it is nearly impossible to do anything different. 300 does something different. This action feels fresh and raw, showing me a world that only existed before in the mind of Frank Miller.
Lastly, there is the plot, which is pretty rad. Simply, there is an incoming army of a million soldiers looking to conquer Sparta and the only thing in their way is an army of 300 Spartans. These are the best soldiers that the world has ever known and they are facing their certain annihilation. But they still stand their ground. Bring it on!
I hope this movie is 1/2 as cool as it looks to be. It also gives me tons of hope that Zack Snyder will do justice to his next film, the adaptation of the classic comic THE WATCHMEN. After a film that I hated, this trailer alone has turned me around on Snyder as a filmmaker.

Here is a link to the trailer, presented in HD and in standard…
  • 300 TRAILER

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