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Friday, July 14, 2006

worth the wait?

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock re-team and this time there is no bus, no bomb, and no gold watch. In THE LAKE HOUSE, there is loss, regret, and love.
Reeves plays Alex Wyler, an architect living in the shadow of his famous father, who is struggling to find something real to hold on to. He moves into a house on the lake outside of Chicago and remodels it. Bullock plays Kate Forster, a doctor who just moved from the lake house and got a place in the city and a new job at a hospital. She too is lost and looking for a connection to something real. Overwhelmed by her new surroundings, she returns to the one place where she felt most alone, the lake house.
The two start to form a relationship through a series of letters and quickly they discover that they are not only separated by space, but also by time. Alex is in 2004 and Kate is in 2006 and the only way that they can communicate is through a mailbox at the lake house. What is formed is an odd but pure relationship in which they slowly fall for each other despite the fact that they are in a different time and can never meet… or maybe because of that.
One filmmaking choice that was made was to discard the use of the written letter in favor of voice over so that the letters that they send to each other becomes a conversation on screen. Because of this, we are able to really feel the connection between the two and understand the emotion that the written word could never convey. There are even a few times in the film in which they occupy the same space (two years apart) and have a conversation of sorts. This might sound silly, but it worked for me. I found it a really interesting way to tell the story.
There is a theme that is hit on in THE LAKE HOUSE of love and loss and timing. Kate’s favorite book is “Persuasion” by Jane Austin, and in many ways, this could be a time traveling version of that story. If you meet someone and really have a connection and a love but the time is just not right, will it be there again if you wait for it? How long can you wait for something better without letting your life drift by? The themes of love and loss and faith are wonderful and will give you something to think about.
THE LAKE HOUSE is a really sweet film and one that, if you let it, will capture your heart and tell you a really unique love story. The trick of it all is to be sure and turn off the logic side of your brain. There are many, many plot holes and points in the movie that, if you can’t look past it, there is no hope of enjoyment. I won’t go into these illogic parts because you will be able to find them for yourself, but try and look past it and let the movie transport you. Leave your cynicism at the door and this becomes a nice little love story.


Anonymous Watch The Lake House said...

The lake house is the film directed by Alejandro Agresti. It is a romantic fairy tale. I saw a screening of this last night and maybe I was just in the right mood for it, but I really enjoyed it.

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