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Saturday, June 03, 2006

don't try this at home...

This movie kicks ass!
DISTRICT B13 is the first feature from cinematographer Pierre Morel, starring stuntman Cyril Raffaelli, and professional athlete David Belle. It is not a great movie, but it would be hard for an action movie to be more fun than this one here.
The plot is really simple… In the year 2010, Paris built a giant wall around the bad area of town (District B-13) and gave up on it and the people inside. In this place, chaos reigns and Taha is the man that leads the chaos and the criminal element. One good man stands in his way and his name is Leito (Belle). He teams up with super cop Damien (Raffaelli) to storm Taha’s compound and take back a bomb that was stolen from the military. The plot is not the reason to see this movie though.
The action and the stunts are simply amazing. Actor David Belle invented the sport called “Parkour” which consists of moving freely in a natural area. This sport includes climbing on buildings, up walls, and jumping over/on anything that comes in his way. Parkour plays heavily in this film. Leito is from the ghetto and navigates it with precision and skill that is incredible. Nothing can get in his way. If someone happens to though, he just beats the hell out of him. He is like a combination on Jackie Chan and Jet Li, but really pissed off.
Damien is introduced as a do good, badass cop that will take on anything in his way. When we meet him, he basically wipes out a room full of about 35 criminals by himself. He kicks ass. So when the two come together to take on the bad guys, you know it will be special and you will not be let down. Together they take on a criminal army, jumping off walls, over cars, and beating anyone who tries to stop them.
At just under 90 minutes, this movie moves like a bullet. It tears through all potential boredom and creates tension and excitement. There is very little digital work needed because of the physical ability of the two leads and the skilled camera work of the director, Pierre Morel.

Morel’s experience as a D.P. on action films like THE TRANSPORTER and UNLEASED has prepared him to excel given the tools in DISTRICT B13. The camera is the third lead as it sweeps through the sets with as much ease as Leito. It glides through hallways and up and down sides of buildings, adding to the action and the excitement.
I wouldn’t get into the problems with DISTRICT B13 because they really don’t matter. This is a fun movie. If you like action and amazing stunts, please look past the bad poster and the fact that it is subtitled and treat yourself to a really really good time.


Anonymous watch movies said...

The stunts and action in this movie are really amazing. Although there are certain scenes in the movie which doesn't make any sense but overall its a wonderful movie to watch.

4:47 AM  

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