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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2006 so far...

As of a few days ago, 2006 is half over, so I thought that a good way to acknowledge that would be to take a look at my five favorite movies that I have seen this year.

This is a great indie that succeeds on many many levels. First it takes a fresh look at the genre of the film noir. Set in a high school and featuring a plot filled with teenager, where the “big bad” is an old man of about 26. Second, it pays homage to the great film noirs of the 40s with the incorporation of the stylish dialogue and mannerisms. The over stylized manner of speech might catch you off guard at first, but go with it and it alone will immerse you in this fascinating world. Third, with a minuscule budget, they manage to present a really slick and polished film. It looks great. Fourth, the performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt is fantastic. He embraces the character and dictates the tone as the high school version of Bogart. Finally, this is just a really really good film and I hope that everyone will give it a chance when it hits video this fall.
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    This is a gritty and violent look at the “old west” of Australia. The performances are first rate and the script by Nick Cave had so many layers to not only the plot and the characters, but to the overall theme of the movie. THE PROPOSITION is a look at violence, evil, punishment, and especially the search for redemption. Visually stunning and emotionally complex. If you like movies like UNFORGIVEN and MUNICH, this is a movie for you.
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    A great look at vengeance and at what toll it can take. This is a similar film to THE PROPOSITION in many ways, but the tone is vastly different. The third film in the trilogy of vengeance by Chan Wook Park, LADY VENGEANCE is my favorite and one that everyone should at least check out. It is violent and disturbing at points, but the ride is more than worth it.
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  • 2. BABEL
    I know that this movie is not released until the fall, but I had a chance to see it right after it won the prize for best director at the Cannes Film Festival this May. It is simply a great film with many layers that raises questions that most movies don’t. The acting is first rate and the direction is superb.
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  • 1. UNITED 93
    There are no two ways about it… This is the best movie to open this year. I understand people’s hesitation at checking it out and I respect it, but this movie is respectful, honest and not “Hollywood”. It is as well done as it could have been and in my opinion, only a perfect movie about September 11th would work. There will be many other films made about this event (including Oliver Stone’s WORLD TRADE CENTER this August), but I think that the this will stand above all of the others as the definitive look at a tragic, yet heroic time in our nation’s history. It comes to DVD in September. Please do yourself a favor and check it out. What happened on board flight 93 was only 5 years ago, and while it might be painful to watch, it is too soon to forget the courage and unity of the passengers on board displayed. This film is a testament to the resilience and possibilities that we all possess.
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