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Monday, January 30, 2006

SUNDANCE 2006: stay

Bobcat Goldthwait’s STAY is hands down, by far the worst movie that I saw at Sundance and will no doubt be the worst film that I will see in all of 2006. That being said… I feel like I am one of the few that felt this way. At the premiere, the entire audience was laughing out loud, cheering and sincerely moved by this film. For the entire festival, whenever I asked another person what they would recommend, the answer would almost always be STAY. I don’t know if I saw the wrong movie, but I don’t think I could have liked it less.

STAY begins with a young girl of 18 (Amy) in her college dorm room. She is reading a book, but seems to be a little distracted. So what would you do if you were at home reading and were bored? Well… Amy decides to give her dog a blowjob…

Yes… you read that right. She blows her dog. That is how this movie starts… and it never really gets better.

STAY makes an attempt to be a poignant story about relationship and the question of is telling the whole truth a good thing? If you are in love, should you tell the other person everything about your past? Should you lie about it? There are possibilities for a movie that raises these questions, but STAY never even gets off the ground. The humor is immature and relies only on shock humor. It is like a series of jokes told by a perverted 9th grader. The filmmaking is amateur and hurts to watch. The acting is terrible and the writing is worse. The movie was made on a tiny budget and looked like it was shot on a Hi-8 camera. The editing is sloppy and the sound is bad. This is just a bad film from top to bottom. I was not offended by what I saw in this film. I was not disgusted by it. I just thought it was a piece of garbage and was shocked that people responded to it.

This movie tried to say something, but I feel like Bobcat Goldthwait really had no idea what he wanted to say in the end. The message at the end of this film as it was presented was this… It is okay to lie to the person that you love as long as you are ashamed about the thing that you did.

Some people like shock humor that revel in things like spitting dog cum in a sink, but I am simply not one of those people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you. It was a poor choice to get it's intended message across. I did what I could to pull from it any chance of a positive message and her father didn't need to know the truth so there are times when not saying everything you know is best - but did he have to go there with the bj or even the cum cookie?

Emphatically NO !!!!!!!!

Then again it's Bobcat. We can't expect anything better out of him.

10:36 PM  

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