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Sunday, January 15, 2006

2005 HUMBY'S: supporting actress

Here is the countdown of my favorite performances by an actress in a supporting role…

10. Amy Adams - JUNEBUG

First let me start by saying this… I HATE JUNEBUG as a film. I think that it is a poorly made pretentious art film that is over praised beyond belief. That being said, Amy Adams just shines in this film as “Alice”. Watching it, you just fall in love with her. She is full of life and is the heart of the movie. I think that it is impossible to not respond to her performance. No matter what happens to her character, she goes through it with a smile and a great attitude. That is not to say she lets other people walk all over her. Alice is strong and stands up to herself, but seems to take everything in stride. She is in a loveless marriage and part of a dysfunctional family, but never stops trying to make it and everything else work out in the best possible way.

9. Toni Collette – IN HER SHOES

This is almost a lead performance, but since her name is not Cameron Diaz, Collette delivers one of the best “supporting” performances of the year. There is a real depth to her work here. Her journey in the film is the emotional center. The character of Rose is damaged and if she had a lower self esteem, she would be invisible. That being said, she is extremely successful in her career, just not in her personal life. Through the film, we get to see Rose go through this transformation as a person to realize who she is and what she is worth. Collette never lets you doubt the truth of either side of Rose and you see her change throughout this film. it is a really strong performance in a film that was forgotten.

8. Jennifer Carpenter – THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE

Just the physicality of the performance of Carpenter here as the title character of Emily Rose is enough to impress anyone. Emily goes through so much here and since all of her story is told in a series of flashbacks, there in not that much time to make an impression, but the film depends on that impression and a strong connection. This girl is tortured throughout this film by unseen and unexplained forces and it is really hard to watch at times. Since the film makes no judgment or conclusion, Carpenter has to play many of the scenes in two different ways. We see her as if she is possessed, then we see her going through the same situation as if she has a mental illness. Both are completely believable. I had never heard of Jennifer Carpenter before, but I will be looking out for her from no on.

7. Michelle Williams – BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN

The girl from DAWSON’S CREEK in a movie about gay cowboys? Yup! And you know what? She is fantastic. Williams has the unfortunate job of playing a woman that is in a marriage with a man who finds his soul mate and it turns out it is another man. This is a movie about a love story between two men. Williams represents a woman that is a casualty of that relationship. You really feel for her here. She doesn’t deserve what happens to her here. She does nothing wrong, but has to deal with the pain that her life and her relationship is a lie. A small but vital part of one of the best films of the year.

6. Frances McDormand – NORTH COUNTRY

Why did no one pay attention to this film and the incredible performances in it? McDormand is a great actress and this is some of her best work. She plays the role of “the friend” and never for a second do you question her as a miner, a loyal friend, a great wife, or a really strong person. There are many layers here and she just brings this character to life.

5. Ziyi Zhang - 2046

Sure she is hot and we have seen that she can kick some ass in movies like CROUCHING TIGER and HERO, but in 2046, we see the emotional power that Ziyi is capable of. She is simply fantastic. Without giving away important parts of the film, (which everyone should see) she is the main recipient of the lashings out of a man that was desrtroyed by love. We get to see her go from a reluctant girl, to a woman in love, to being emotionally abused. This is her finest work and excites me to things that are to come from her. She is a true talent.

4. Taraji P. Henson – HUSTLE AND FLOW

In many ways, “Shug” is the center of this film along with Terrence Howard’s “D Jay”. Their relationship is a unique and really sweet love story unlike most that I have seen in any film. In the way that rap is what D Jay is working for as a career, Shug is what he is fighting for as a life. Her performance sells the raw emotion involved in real love. It is not perfect and sometimes it’s not very pretty either, but it is always worth fighting for. Amazing relationship and a great performance. Like Williams in BROKEBACK, she is not on screen for a long period of time, but she impacts everything around her. Oh… and she is the one singing. That in itself is impressive.

3. Robin Wright Penn – NINE LIVES

This is a movie that is all about the writing and the acting and Penn is the one that is the standout in a list of great actors. She is just real. She captures so much emotion and pain and she deals with it like most people would. I can’t say enough about her performance here. She is in the film for only one twelve minute shot, but it is the most powerful portion of the film.

2. Faye Wong - 2046

Primarily Wong is a pop star in Hong Kong. Most of her acting work is limited to movies with director Wong Kar Wai. I wish that this wasn’t the case. She is such a great actress and I wish that she would act more. When it comes to 2046, it is a series of stories with women. Wong’s was the story that impacted me the most. It is the story where love triumps over bitterness and the only case where the damaged lead character does not destroy the happiness of the woman he deals with. She is sweet and represents the love that he had and wants again. He just can’t have it with her and he must deal with it. Great multilayered performance. Sweet and loving. Pure and innocent. Hurt but still strong.


I have always liked Weiz as an actress, but I never imagined that she was capable of a performance with the depth, complexity and power that she gives in this film. She is the emotional center of the film and the reason why everything happens. She is the motivation for the lead actor, and the reason for his change towards becoming a better person. She first makes you notice her, then fall in love with her, then she breaks your heart and makes you want to be better. She plays a character that I believe everyone should be more like. She has so much passion and cares for everyone that she meets. Injustice is not something that she even knows how to tolerate, and she dies fighting it. I was amazed by Rachel Weiz and now count myself a one her biggest fans.


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