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Thursday, January 05, 2006

2005: a wrap up

i will be publishing my top ten list soon, but in the mean time, here are some of my favorites and least favorites of the year that was...

Funniest movie of the year:

This movie made me laugh, plain and simple. Along with being funny, there is a lot of heart here. At the core of this silly comedy is a really sweet love story.

Scariest movie of the year:

For some reason when this movie came out it was received negatively by critics. The complaint was that there are not enough scares and the court room scenes were too long and dull. Let me be clear... this is a scary movie. It is not packed start to finish with jumps, but when they do come, they are intense. This is the creepiest movie I have seen in a long time and I wish that more of the “horror” movies would take a cue from this one. It is out on video now and I urge everyone to check it out… but be prepared not to sleep.

Biggest disappointment this year:

I love Cameron Crowe. With the exception of VANILLA SKY, I love all of his films. With VANILLA SKY, it was not his type of movie. It was a Tom Cruise movie and Crowe came on to direct. For this reason, I did not blame him for the movie. I just waited for Crowe to make another one of his films. That film was ELIZABETHTOWN. It was through and through Cameron Crowe. A relationship drama with comedy that is filled with music. Then I saw the film… and it was just not good. It felt fake and forced. Everything that I love about Crowe was lacking in this film.

Biggest surprise of the year:

I saw this movie on a lark, by myself and I was just enchanted by it. So well written and acted. This is a movie that Is unique and special that I wish would have gotten at least a little attention when it came out this year. The concept is simple… 9 stories… 9 women… 9 shots… Beautiful film.

Biggest discovery of the year:

The most exciting movies seem to be coming out of Korea and the most exciting films are coming from one of the most talented directors in the world. That director is Chan Wook Park. I was able to see all of Park’s “Vengeance Trilogy” this year (SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE, OLDBOY, and LADY VENVEANCE) Every one of these films are great… This year I feel lucky to have ‘discovered’ a master storyteller. MR. VENGEANCE and OLDBOY were released in the US in 2005 and are now available on video as is J.S.A. (another great film by Park). LADY VENGEANCE will be released in March 2006.

Good trailer for a bad movie:

While I am not the biggest Michael Bay fan, I usually enjoy his films and this one looked like lots of fun. Big action, actors I liked, and the slick Michael Bay look that is great for big, stupid summer movies. Then I saw the movie and to say the least, I thought it was a piece of GARBAGE. Not fun. Just stupid.

Worst trailer for a great movie:

But really… how can you cut a trailer for a movie about two gay cowboys falling in love and have it not come off as at least a little silly? I must admit that the first time I saw the trailer, I giggled at the line, “I wish I knew how to quit you.” It the film it is emotional and powerful, but in the trailer… come on… it’s just silly.

Movie that critics loved and I hated:

This movie was embraced by the critics and I found it to be a load of pretentious CRAP. Unlikable people in an unrealistic world. I really don’t even feel like this is a film to be discussed, so I won’t waste any more of my time…

Movie that I most regret not seeing:


Worst movie that I did see:


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