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Friday, September 30, 2005


I step out of my car and what do I find…

It is over one hundred degrees, the sky is red and there is ash falling from the sky. Am I in hell? Close… I am in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. With all of the fires around LA, it is literally not safe to be outside here. I live over 20 miles from the nearest fires, yet there is still ash falling from the sky. My thoughts are with those whose lives and homes are in danger…

So why am I writing about the weather and disasters when this is primarily a blog about movies? The answer to that is simple. There is really not that much worth writing about. I have been watching lots of movies, but the problem is that I really don’t feel like there is anything worth writing about. while I liked many of these movies (THUMBSUCKER, PROOF) and disliked others (FLIGHT PLAN, CORPSE BRIDE), I didn’t feel strongly enough about any of these to write anything. I will be writing soon. I am sure that there will be something that comes out that is worth writing about.

Until then…


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